Who Does What? Mapping Cloud Foundry Activities and Entitlements to IT Roles

While “cf push” is the center of it all, there are many more things that various individuals can do with the Cloud Foundry platform. They can monitor, scale and upgrade those deployed apps. And also deploy, monitor, scale and upgrade the platform itself. Further, to operationalize the platform in an enterprise there are quotas, security groups, route services, environment variable groups and many other “knobs” that may also be tuned, and there are various roles and permission structures to govern these. In this session Cornelia will take a holistic view of the Cloud Foundry “control plane” and map the key functions to IT roles (perhaps with some redefinition), and she’ll show which entitlements allow which configurations. Ultimately the goal is to understand how Cloud Foundry can be effectively used to optimize the development and operations (Devops) in your organization. Participants will leave with a concrete framework for transforming current IT practices, roles and responsibilities using the Cloud Foundry platform.

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August 2, 2016

11:30 AM - 12:40 PM
1 hour 10 minutes
Starvine 6


Sr. Director of Technology


Cloud Foundry