The Journey to Becoming Cloud Native – A Three Step Path to Modernizing Applications

The cloud has transformed the way we build applications. Early adopters prove that the benefits manifest in delivering value faster to the customer, less operational costs and more productive teams. The interesting question is how to get there, especially if you cannot simply start over and get your current applications benched. Through numerous customer engagements we have learned that there is a pattern followed by companies that do this successfully. This talk show you:

  • How to deploy faster without breaking things
  • Start decoupling a monolith without breaking your business logic.
  • Help developers build application using a new paradigm
  • Dynamically scale your applications to save costs
  • Manage highly dynamic larger-scale micro services without increasing operational costs

As we will walk through the journey we share learning covering challenges and possible solutions on the organizational, development and operational side. As a company that has gone through this transformation itself while onboarding over 500 new customers we have some interesting stories to share.

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August 2, 2016

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
30 minutes
Starvine 12


Chief Technology Strategist


Cloud Native