Publish, Secure, and Monitor APIs with Cloud Foundry Route Services

Route Services make it possible for developers to transform or process network level requests before they reach an application. Operators gain the ability to offer their developers a curated, self-service menu of route services, deflecting one-off requests. Route Services are also designed with APIs in mind, making it easy to add security, authentication, and caching to requests.

Learn from Apigee's experience building one of the first Service Brokers to leverage route services! You’ll walk away with some powerful insights about how to build and deploy a full-featured API management platform as a route service and learn how to use Apigee features including quota enforcement, spike arrests, and content caching.

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August 2, 2016

12:10 PM - 12:40 PM
30 minutes
Starvine 12


SVP, Product Strategy
Presales Apigeek


Cloud Foundry