Lean Innovation in Insurance with Cognizant Digital Foundry

Insurers are increasingly leveraging digital technologies to bring in significant changes to their business and operating models. Many strategic programs are currently underway within life, P&C and retirement service providers to embrace customer centricity, API-based distribution channels, loss control through real-time digital data and a lean operating model.

Join Cognizant’s session to learn how we bring together our industry expertise in Insurance and our Lean/Agile techniques, powered by vast experience with Spring and PCF, to innovate with our clients and create business value.

The first part of the session will cover Cognizant cloud-native digital business solutions and platforms (drone, IoT, innovation prototyping platforms etc.) that supports the business and next-gen IT transformations within insurers. Spring Framework, Cloud Foundry and container based technologies serves as architectural building blocks and delivery platforms.

While developing new applications using modern frameworks like Spring and Spring Boot already reduce the time to value for businesses, additional software components and tools further accelerate the time. The second part of this session will cover such tools as developer Blueprints, Microservices, and a single Portal for enabling these on multiple PaaS environments. These additional tools and software help our development teams accelerate value creation for clients by focusing on the business application rather than infrastructure and frameworks setup.

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August 3, 2016

5:40 PM - 6:10 PM
30 minutes
Starvine 12


Senior Director
Senior Director


Cloud Native