Paul Warren

Software Engineer

I work for EMC in the IIG division of the EMC Software Group.

My current responsibilities include the on-going support for JSR168 (and JSR286) within the Web Development Kit (WDK) and its future direction. I am also jointly responsible for the architecture of EMC’s new eclipse-based integrated development environment for Documentum.

I am proud to be the longest serving member of the team that implements and and maintains the Web Development Kit. Other achievements include the iTeam knowledge management product line, the Portal Integration Kit (prior to WDK), architecting the original “portalization” of WDK, leading and managing all releases of WDK for Portals product line and also managing the intial release of EMC’s Application Connectors for Documentum.

I have over 10 years experience in the software industry ranging from Supply Chain Management software to Automotive to Enterprise Content Management and Information Lifecycle Management.

I have spoken at Documentum developer conferences and have technically reviewed some of today’s leading books on software and software architecture.


August 3, 2016

12:10 PM - 12:40 PM
30 minutes
Starvine 3